Frequently Asked Questions

What is a mesonet?

A mesonet is a network of weather stations spaced close enough to each other to observe and track meso-scale weather events, such as individual super-cell thunderstorms. Mesonet systems typically collect data on atmospheric conditions, solar energy, soil moisture, and soil temperature. Mesonet data is used for weather forecasting, alternative energy development, agriculture, and for fire, flood, and freeze warnings.

How many stations are currently in the TexMesonet?

Currently, there are a total of 333 stations.

How many stations are designed, built, and maintained by the Texas Water Development Board?


When did the Texmesonet start?

May 2016.

What is being measured?

Rainfall, temperature, barometric pressure, wind speed, gusts and direction, dew point, humidity, and solar radiation. Soil moisture data will be added later in 2016.

Who provides the data from the stations that are not owned and maintained by the Texas Water Development Board?

The Texmesonet pulls data from Mesowest at, which in turn hosts data from stations operated by the National Weather Service, the U.S. Forest Service, and the West Texas Mesonet, and the Lower Colorado River Authority. We also get data from other partners, including several river authorities and groundwater districts. Other locations will be added in the future.

How often are the measurements updated on the website?

The site is updated every 15 minutes. The data for each station may have a different update schedule depending on the station.

If I want to download data for several stations, how can I do that?

Currently, we do not have the capability for downloading data but will be enhancing the application in the near future to allow this functionality.

How far back do these data go?

The period of record is different for each station and new sites are being added.

How do I request a custom data download?

Contact the TWDB at 512-936-0871 or email and request a custom data download.

If I have a comment or question about this website, who should I contact?

Contact the TWDB at 512-936-0871