Data Info

Data Displayed and Graphed

Data for the TexMesonet viewer is read and refreshed every 15 minutes. Both current condition information and charted data is based on the most recent reads. The majority of the displayed stations and gages report consistently at a 15 minute interval. However, not all stations and gages maintain that consistency or 15 minute interval, therefore the date and time of the read is displayed in the Current Conditions tab for clarity. The Graphs tab displays the last 24 hours from the current time that the user clicks on a station. Graphs will only display if data is available. Weather graphs include:

  • The last 24 hours of precipitation with accumulation and temperature,
  • Temperature with dew point and humidity,
  • Barometric pressure,
  • Wind speed and direction,
  • Solar radiation.

Data Details:

Air Pressure Barometric pressure in millibars (mb)
Heat Index Shown if temperature is > 80°F
Humidity Relative Humidity as a percent of 100
24 Hr. Precipitation Cumulative rainfall over last 24 hours in inches
Precipitation Precipitation in inches from rain gage
Temperature Air temperature in degrees Fahrenheit
Wind Chill Shown if temperature is < 50°F
Wind Direction Wind direction in compass degrees
Wind Gust Wind gust speed in miles per hour
Wind Speed Wind speed in miles per hour

Data Sources:

Weather station information is collected from TWDB* stations and gages and a selection of MesoWest selected networks ( ). The MesoWest stations displayed are filtered for the networks listed below:

MARITIME Moored Buoys and CMAN
NOS-NWLON National Ocean Service
NOS-POSRTS National Ocean Service Physical Oceanographic Real-time System
CRN Climate Reference Network
SCAN Soil Climate Analysis Network
NWS/FAA National Weather Service / Federal Aviation Administration
RAWS Interagency Remote Automatic Weather Stations
WTEXAS West Texas Mesonet
TWDB* Texas Water Development Board

Data Quality Control

For TWDB stations and rain gages, TexMesonet performs data value range checks. If a data value is out of normal range it is flagged and the station or gage is not displayed on the map until the data can be evaluated and verified.

The stations displayed from MesoWest have already passed through quality control methods which include both data value range validation and statistical checks. For more information about MesoWest QC practices visit the following page:

Weather Radar

TexMesonet displays the National Weather Service (NWS) Next-Generation Radar (NEXRAD) network of weather via services from Iowa State University of Science and Technology. For more information visit the Iowa Environmental Mesonet (IEM):